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Carib Brewery

Champs Fleurs, Trinidad


Sir Gerald Wight saw the need and opportunity to expand local industry from the traditional sugar and oil-based economy. He pushed for the establishment of a new brewery and a Glassworks factory and in July of 1947, the Caribbean Development Company Limited (CDC) was formed with Sir Gerald Wight as its Chairman. The Brewery started with an initial payroll of seven persons.

In 1950, the Brewery launched its own beer, Carib Lager beer, before which foreign imported beers were available to the population. However, with the advent of Carib, the imported beers began to disappear from the market, as Carib's popularity increased. In 1957, CDC acquired the brewing plant and interests of Walters' Brewery. By 1957, therefore, CDC was the sole brewer and bottler of beer and stout in Trinidad.

In 1972, the Brewery acquired more land and brewhouse equipment, increasing its capacity to over 250,000hl per year. It expanded its product range into the dark malt drink market launching Malta Carib in 1973. This was the first non-alcoholic drink to be produced by the Brewery, directed to health conscious individuals. Next, followed Shandy Carib in 1985, which was an effort to capitalize on the popular indigenous custom of mixing beer and other flavoured drinks.


Carib Lager
Launched on May 16th , 1950
Carib Lager Beer.

Type Lager/Pilsner.

275 ml. Original Gravity 11.6 - 11.9°P. 14-16 IBU.

Carib Lager.

Type Lager/Pilsner.

355 ml. Original Gravity 11.6 - 11.9°P. 14-16 IBU.