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To avoid too long explanations I use shortenings and my own systems in my Danish collection.

I have given the main label a number.

The neck-label has a letter.

The backside label has a roman numeral.

The labelforms is shown here:

Main labels 1-13, 14-28, 29-40, 41-

Neck labels A-S

Backside labels I-VIII

After the label form follows:

The contents quantity, if that is 33 cl, is it rare that it is mentioned.

The colors on the labels.

If the label/can contains a productionnummer is it written.

Often stands a number in the end, who starts with two capital letters, for example TU056. That is a nummer, I have given the beer in my collection.


Following shortenings is used:

d-b = date on main label

d-h = date on neck label

D-S-G = The label contains the text "Leverandør til det danske, svenske og græske hof". Supplier to the danish, swedish and greek court.

D-S = The label contains the text "Leverandør til det danske og svenske hof". Supplier to the danish and swedish court.

fl. = bottle.

Gl. dekl = Deklaration which end with "andre tilsætningsstoffer"

Kl. = Taxation class.

Ny dekl. = deklaration which contains antidoxidant and more.

Skr.= writing type

Stkod = barcode

Svejsn. = Welding

Tegn. = Drawing

u.d. = Without deklaration

år?? = when I don't know the year.

1971-78 = the label has been used between 1971 and 1978.