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Kopparberg Brewery was re-established in 1994, when Peter Bronsman and his brother Dan-Anders Bronsman bought the old brewery which was originally founded in 1882 by 36 regional brewers.

Most of the brewery burnt down in a massive fire in 1997. It was rebuild.

To strengthen its position on the cider and beer market, Kopparberg expanded in 2000 through the purchase of the Sofiero brewery in Laholm. In 2002, two more local breweries were acquired, Zeunerts in the North of Sweden and Banco in the South. Kopparberg was now set to capitalise on the future growth of the beer and cider markets..


Sofiero Original
Sofiero Original 1888

5,2 %. Awarded lager beer.


Specialy for woman.

Tjej-Øl. Sonja Bengtssons Helmaltsøl

500 ml. 1997.