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Mauritius Privatbrauerei Zwickau



Zwickauer Brauvereins was founded in 1859. The brewery became a part of Dinkelacker Brauerei AG Stuttgartin 1990. In 2004 became it a part of Inbev. Throug a manegement buyout became the brewery to Mauritius Privatbrauerei Zwickau in 2005.


Mauritius Bock Dunkel
In 1968, to celebrate the 850-year of the city Zwickau was the strong light beer named „Mauritius“.

Mauritius Bock Dunkel. 2016.

7,1 % ABV. 16 % plato.

Mauritius Urzwikauer Pilsener

Mauritius Bock Dunkel. 2016.

5,0 % ABV. 11,3 % plato.