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Martini Brauerei

Kassel, Germany

A Einbecker Brauhaus company


Founded 1859. Brewed with view to the Martin Church. Since 1997 a part of Einbecker Brauhaus AG.


Pils. The C. Wiederholt's brewery was founded in 1860 by the beer brewer and farmer Carl Wiederholt in Nörten-Hardenberg. Carl Wiederholt had 11 children, his son Wilhelm took over the brewery and Carl Junior the farm on the market square. In 1970 the brewery was taken over by the Kassel Brewery A. Kropf (today Martini Brewery). In 1991 the brewery in Nörten-Hardenberg closed its doors. (From Einbecker Brewery)

Nörden-Hardenberger. 2009.

4,8 % ABV.