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Haake Beck


A InBev company


In May 1826 founded Cord Hinrich Haake the C.H. Haake Brauerei. He began brewing bottomfermented beers in 1832. In 1889 is the brewery brewing Lagerbeer, Böhmisches Bier, Doppelbier and Bockbier.

The Hemelinger Aktien Brauerei take over the Brauerei Haake & Co in 1918, and the Kaiserbrauerei Beck & Co are same year bought by C.H. Haake Brauerei AG. The name changes in 1921 to Haake-Beck.

In 1924 are the "Export" first brewed.


Haake Beck Alkoholfrei. 1990



Haake Beck Pils

Würzig gehopft