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Løkken Bryghus


Open june 24. 2006.

Founder Bo Kristensen.

First brewmaster Martin Rosbech Andersen, diplombrygger. He was later replaced by Jens Pedersen, diplomabrewer.

Labeldesign architect Jørgen Ussing.

The brewery closed in 2012, but reopened later same year by the name Løkken Ny Bryghus. Brewmaster Niels Thomsen.

Badehusbajer - Badehus
Introduced at an beerfestival in Frederikshavn april 28. 2007. The beer is inspired by the belgian witbeer. Brewed on barley, malt and onmalted wheat. Added citrus peel.
3,0,III, blue, drawing of "bathing huts", 4,5% - - april 2007 Løkken Badehusbajer
46,0, blue, drawing of "bathing huts", "Løkken Badehus", Witbier, 4,6% - - 2012 Løkken Badehusbajer

Dark Ale
Introduced may 2010 for Fakta.
44,0, green, drawing of a warehouse, 5,2% - - 2010 Løkken Dark Ale

Elsebeth Gyldenstjerne
Elsebeth Gyldenstjerne, born the year 1500. Lived 16 years with Stygge Krumpen on Voergaard Castle.
46,0, black - orange, drawing of a woman in front of Voergaard Castle, 4,8% - - 2012 Løkken Elsebeth Gyldenstjerne

Introduced february 15. 2007. The first beers was the type Dark wheatbeer. After german model, however bottomfermented. But later they was Strong Ale style.
3,0,III, yellow - green, the label has a non figurative drawing of "forårsfornemmelser" (spring feelings), 6,0% - - february 2007 Løkken Forårsfornemmelser
46,0, yellow - green, the label has a non figurative drawing of "forårsfornemmelser" (spring feelings), "Strong Ale", 6,0% - - february 2013 Løkken Forårsfornemmelser

Seasonbrew with aronia berry. Brewed in cooperation with "Smagen af Læsø" and inspired by the california Steam Beer. For sale from june to august. Bottomfermented. The beer was also sold under the name Elsebeth Gyldenstierne.
3,0,III, red-yellow, drawing of a girls room, 4,8% - - 2008 Løkken Jomfruhummer

Sweet Stout
46,0, red with drawing of a badinghuts with hat, 6,0% - - 2013 Løkken Julefryd

Second beer in a serie of three with expressions from north in Jytland.
46,0, black-gold. Design after a albumcover, Pilsner, 4,6% - - 2014 Løkken Jøwt

First beer in a serie of three with expressions from north in Jytland.
46,0, black-gold. Design after a albumcover, Belgisk Blonde, 7,0% - - 2014 Løkken Kavt

Mild Brise
Pilsnertype. The same as pilsner, but with change in alkoholstrenght.
44,0, lightgreen, drawing of a warehouse, 4,6% - - 2010 Løkken Mild Brise

Mørk Kutterøl
Dark and full-bodied ale. The main product from the brewery. Slightly hint of coffee and liquorice.
3,0,III, light brown, drawing of a cutter , 5,2% - - june 2006 Løkken Mørk Kutterøl
3,0,III, light brown, drawing of a cutter , smaller declaration, 5,2% - - 2008 Løkken Mørk Kutterøl
46,0, dark brown - black, drawing of a cutter, Dark Ale, 5,2% - - 2013 Løkken Mørk Kutterøl

With birch juice.
44,0, black green, drawing of "oktoberparty girl", 4,0% - - 2012 Løkken Oktoberspektakel

Pakhus Classic
Classictype, taste of caramel. Brewed on pilsner- og caramelmalt.
3,0,III, cremebrown, drawing of a warehouse, 5,0% - - june 2006 Løkken Pakhus Classic

German hops, light bitter
3,0,III, green, drawing of a mark on the beach, 5,0% - - june 2006 Løkken Pilsner

Introduced christmas 2014. Rajfog is dialect and means snowstorm.
46,0, black, Bock, 6,0% - - 2014 Løkken Rajfog
46,0, blue, Bock, "Leverandør til Vendelboer og andet godtfolk", 6,0% - - 2015 Løkken Rajfog

Stiv Kuling
Introduced september 6. 2008. The type double is used as model. Stiv Kuling is added a light smoked malt and annise.
3,0,III, green-gray, drawing of a cutter in a high sea, 6,5% - - 2008 Løkken Stiv Kuling

Stygge Krumpen

Stygge Krumpen is diplomabrewer Trine Hansens test piece of work for a the finishing og her apprenticeship. Released february 8. 2008. A beer with some sweetnes and aftertaste of hops.
Stygge Krumpen (1485-1551) became the last Catolich bishop of Børglum from 1519 till 1536. He was a known and notorious bishop. He is said to be a greedy man-about-town. He was put in prison in the begining of the reformation and removed in1536. From the abbey the bishop and his men could keep an eye with strandings, which was a substantial income, and the roumor says, that nobody lived to advance a claim, when the bishops men had done their work. Was there too few strandings could a horseman or a carraige with a light tempt ships near the coast in the dark of the night.

3,0,III, brown, drawing of at carraige with a ligth, 5,4% - - 2008 Løkken Stygge Krumpen

Vestkyst Classic
Introduced 2013. Steambeer. Privatlabel.
44,0, light blue, picture of houses of the beach, 5,0% - - 2013 Løkken Vestkyst Classic

Introduced may 2010 for Fakta. Belgian witbiertype. Brewed on barley, malt and onmalted wheat. Added citrus peel - like Badehusbajer.
44,0,lightblue, drawing of a warehouse, 4,5% - - 2010 Løkken Witbier