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Fort Collins Brewery Colorado, USA 

Tom and Jan Peters founded the brewery in 2004.

They builded a new brewery from the ground up in 2010 and investing heavily in new equipment.



Red Banshee

Crystal malt coalesces with the earthy flavor of Willamette hops. Awards: 2012 US Open Beer Championship, Silver medal, American Red category.

Red Banshee. 2013.

355 ml. 5,3 % ABV. 33 IBU.

Rocky Mountain IPA

Made by dry hopping for an intense citrus aroma and added a generous helping of malt to create a backbone stable enough to support the characteristic bitterness of the beer. Awards: 2009 US Open Beer Championship, Silver, English IPA.

Rocky Mountain IPA. 2013.

355 ml. 6,2 % ABV. 81 IBU.