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Anheuser Busch

A ABInBev Company

St.Louis, MO, USA


Eberhard Anheuser, who left Germany in 1843, became part owner of the Bavarian Brewery, which opened in 1852.  By 1860, Anheuser had bought out the other investors and the brewery’s name was changed to E. Anheuser & Co. Adolphus Busch married Lilly Anheuser, and shortly after that, he went to work for his father-in-law.  He later purchased half ownership in the brewery, becoming a partner.



Introduced in 1876.

Budweiser. Lager Beer.

Content One Pint. Small soldering.

Budweiser. 1987.

Brewed under license by Wiibroe Breweries, Denmark.

Budweiser. 1994. 35,5cl.

Bud. King of Beers.

Budweiser. 1995. 35,5cl.

Budweiser with italic font.

Bud. King of Beers.

Bud. 1997. 25cl.

Choicest Hops, rice and Best Barley Malt

Bud. King of Beers.

Made by Corsendonk, Oud Turnhout.

Budweiser. 330 ml. 2001.

Budweiser. 2001. 330ml.

5,0%. King of Beers.

World's largest selling beer.

Budweiser. 500 ml. 2014.

Made since 1896. Named after Michelob Michelob, a Bohemian brewmaster from Saaz.  The teardrop-bottles was launched in 1961 and changed in 2007.

Michelob Beer.


Brewed by Anheuser-Busch.