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A Carlsberg company


Pripps was a major brewery in Sweden and is now a part of Carlsberg. The company was based in Gothenburg; their main product was Pripps Blå.

Pripps was founded in Gothenburg by Johan Albrecht Pripp in 1828.


Blå extra

First brewed 1959.

Pripps Blå, Extra.

45 cl.


Engilsh type (ale). Pripps Bryggerier.

Dart, Klass IIB. 3,6 % ABw.




Export, III.

Stockholm - Göteborg


Cask beer.

FAT, Klass II.2,8 % ABw.


Karnevalsøl - Kunda Karneval


Karnevalsøl. Kunda Karneval.


18-20 maj 1990.

Lyck Holms

The Lyckholms breweries were founded 1880. 1927 were Lyckholms merged with AB J A Pripp & Son. The name of the new company was AB Pripps & Lyckholms. The production was closed down 1975.

Lyck Holms. Plato 6,8%. 1,8 %.

Malmöfestivalen 1990


Malmöfestivalen, 1990.

Max 2,8 vikt%.

Pripps Bügel

Light german pilsner type.

Pripps Bügel Bier. Klass III. 4,5 % Abw

Brygget av Pripps tappat av Sofiero Bryggeri.

Pripps Bügel Bier. Klass III. 4,5 % Abw. 1988.

Pripps Extra Strong

Premium Lager.

Pripps Exstra Strong. 7,2 % ABV.

Premium Lager. 50cl.

Three Towns Öl II B

Göteborg, Stockholm, Malmø.

Three Towns, Öl II B.

Max 3,6%. 45cl, Pripp Bryggerierne AB.

Tuborg Grøn

Licens brew from Tuborg Copenhagen

Tuborg Grøn. World Famous. 2,8 % Abw. 8,3% Plato.