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Beers from unknown breweries





Ballermann 6 Balneario

For KB-Trendgetränke, Trier. Ballermann 6 is a beachroom at Platja de Palma on the island Mallorca in Spain.

Ballermann 6,9 Balneario. 1998.

Starkbier, Cerveza Fuerte.


Double F

Berlin, Germany

Trademark - not a brewery. The star is made by a double F.

Named after Frank Fitzke.

Added Catuaba extract. Devouped by Professor Dr. Schöber, Humbolt University, Berlin.Without carbohydrates and with 30 % less calories.

Double F. 4,9 % ABV. 2006.



Brewed for Lidl in Germany.

Premium Pils

Grafen Walder Pils. Can 50 cl. 2001.

4,8% ABV.

Premium Pils. Can 50 cl. 2001.
Grafenwalder Strong

Strong. Can 50 cl. 2001.

7,9 % ABV.


Karlskrone Pils

There har no brewery named at the label. The beer can be from Feldschlossen, Germany, or Brauerei Martens, Belgium.

Ein pils aus gutem Hause. 4,8 % ABV. 1989.

Aldi, Mülheim a.D. Ruhr. 0,5l.