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Brauerei Schorschbräu

Gunzenhausen, Germany


Founded 1996 by Georg "Schorsch" Tscheuschner. During an era of falling beer consumption and aggressive concentration in the beer market, Georg decided to build a brewery. Though small, he wanted to build a brewery with the intent of brewing beers of the highest quality. He is only brewing strong beers.

SchorschBock 13

One of the stongest beers in the world.

SchorschBock. 2018.

13 % ABV. Plato 25%.

SchorschBock 31

Through a combination of traditional brewhouse work and a rarely used method for producing ice bock supplemented by extended cold-lagering (a minimum of six months), Schorschbräu have produced a beer with 31 % alcohol by volume. The strongest beer in the world in 2009.

The original batch came out to only 55 0.5 liter bottles, but in response to growing demand, they brewed 250 bottles in 2009. Each bottle bears the personal signature of the Braumeister and is sealed with wax.

SchorschBock. 2013.

Limited Edition No2. Bottle 290 of 500.

31 % vol.