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Holsten Brauerei

Hamburg, Germany

A Carlsberg Company


Founded 24. May 1879. The first beer 6. May 1880.

The first can beer for export 1952.

Bought Bill-Brauerei in Hamburg in 1956, Lüneburger Kronen-brauerei in 1974 and Brauerei Feldschlösschen in Brunswick in 1976. Bought Mecklenburgische Brauerei Lübz (founded in 1877) in 1991 and the Bavaria-Sct. Pauli Brauerei in Hamburg with the Astra brand in 1998.

Launch Duckstein in 1987.

Holsten was bought by Carlsberg in 2004.



Astra Rotlicht
The name are inspiried by the Rotlight-area in Hamburg
Astra Rotlicht. 6,0% ABV. 2013.

33 cl.

Duckstein. 2000.

50 cl. 4,9% ABV. Rotbloneds Overbräu. Auf Buchenholz gereift.

Holsten Edel
Holsten Edel.

Original-Abzug der Holsten-Brauerei Hamburg. Neck Hamburg Bier.

Holsten Edel.

Holsten-Brauerei Hamburg-Kiel-Neumünster. Without ABV and date.

Holsten Edel Pils. 1990.

Holsten-Brauerei Hamburg. 4,9% ABV.

Holsten Maibock
Holsten Maibock. Helles Bockbier.

50 cl can. Without ABV and date.


Holsten Pilsner - Premium

Sold in Denmark.
Holsten Ren Pilsner. 1989.

33 cl, Holsten imported.

Holsten Premium Bier. 1993.

33 cl. 5,2%, Importe. Brewed and canned by Holsten.

Holsten Premium. 1996.

33 cl, Imported to Denmark. Brewed by Holsten, bottled by Vestfyen


Holsten Luxus

Sold in Denmark.
Holsten Luxus Øl. 1989.

33 cl, Holsten imported.

Holsten Luxus Øl. 1991.

33 cl, Imported to Denmark. "Produceret i Tyskland".


Holsten Winterbock

Holsten Winterbock. 2001.

50 cl can.