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Dortmund, Germany

Radeberger Gruppe


It began in 1844 in Hausbrauerei des Wilhelm Struck.

In 1872 was Brauerei "Struck & Compagnie" moved outsite the citywalls. To get the needed kapital was it neessery to take in partners, and "Dortmunder Union-Brauerei Actiengesellschaft" was founded 30.01.1873.

Perhaps as an fail/accident, was in 1887 brewed with pale malt for a customer. It become the birth of the "helle Biertyp" lightcoloured beer. From that developed brewmaster Fritz Brinkhoff his beers.

Fritz Brinkhoff died in 1923.

1981 was the brewery renamed to honor Fritz Brinkhoff.

Today the same productionplaces as Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei.


Union Export
Made for the first time in 1887 as an accident.

Dortmunder Union Export. 0,5l.

Dortmunder Union-Brauerei AG

Dortmunder Union Export. 0,5l. 1990.

Das Original.

Dortmunder Union-Brauerei AG. 5,4% ABV.