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Pelforth - Heineken France


A Heineken Brewery


Established 1914 when tre brewers in the frence town Lille got together and made a beer, they called it Pelican. The name comes from a popular dance at the time. The beer was a lager.

In 1935, Jean Deflandre, made an ale from two different types of malt. He named it Pelforth 43, Pel for Pelican, and forte the frence word for strong. Because the beer contains a lot of malt (43 kg/hL).

In 1972 was the name of the brewery changed to Pelforth.

The BGI took the name of Brasseries et Glacières Internationales in 1975. Through its subsidiary Union de brasseries, it took control of the Pelforth breweries in 1980. In 1986, the Union des brasseries was merged with the French subsidiary.

Français de Brasserie bought it in 1986, and the company was acquired by Heineken in 1988.

Pelforth Ambrée
Introduced in 2003
Pelforth Ambrée. 2004.

25 cl. 6,0% ABV.

Pelforth Blonde
Pelforth Blonde. 2004.

25 cl. 5,8% ABV. Top fermented.

Pelforth Brune
Strong caramel and honey taste
Pelforth Brune. 2004.

25 cl. 6,5% ABV. Top fermented.

The sommelier Olivier Poursier chose a serie of beers which will be good companions for food. Pelforth Brune was one - good for chocolate desserts.
Pelforth Brune. 2005.

75 cl. 6,5% ABV. Top fermented.

Pelforth "43"
Pelforth "43".

Brasseries Pelican, Lille.

Bière Scotch.

Pelforth "43".

Brasseries Pelican, Lille.

Strong Ale.

Pelforth "43".

Brasseries Pelican, Lille.

Pelican Export
Biere de Luxe

Pélican Export.

Skatteklasse A

Brasseries Pelican, Lille.

George Killians
George Killian's was ab Irish brewery founded by monks in the 1400-hundred. The brewery closed in 1956, where Brasserie Pelforth acquired the right to brew the beer on licens.
George Killians. 2004.

Style Irish Red.

25 cl. 6,5% ABV. Top fermented.

Porter 39

Porter 39. Union de Brasserie 33 Av De Wagram.

Birra doppio malto.

33 Export
The 33 Export was launched in Indochina by the Cho Lon1 Brewery. Intended for export, its name comes from its packaging, originally a 33cl bottle. The Cholon brewery, of its original name "Brasseries et Glacières d'Indochine (B.G.I.)", was founded at the end of the 19th century by Victor Larue and by Hommel in the Cholon district of Saigon. Larue is a demobilized French army sergeant, and Hommel a small local brewer. After their death, the 4 brothers of the house Denis frères, installed in Saigon since 1862, bought the BGI. At its peak, the brewery employs 4,000 people. The production of the 33 Export ceased in 1975, it was replaced by the 333. La 33 Export was first brewed in France by the Brasserie de Drancy in 1960.

"33" Export. 4,8%, 1991.

Biére Fine & Légère. Union de Brasseries S.N.C. Rueil-Malmaison.

"33" Export. 4,8%, 1994.

Biere Finement Brassee. Amstel Rueil-Malmaison.