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By Anne Marie Johansen

Patchwork is a great hobby for me.

I am member of Limfjordsgruppen, a part of Danish Patchwork Society.

Among my works is the participation i Limfjordsgruppens logo competition. I choosed, to take starting point in the live around the inlet Limfjorden. Therefore it became two grazing whooper swans on a blue background. They are drawn after a lovely bird hike along the Limfjorden.

Quilt inspirered by Jens Søndergaards painting "Skrænt ved havet". 2016.

Quilt Jens Søndergaard "Skrænt ved havet"

Another of my patchwork works is a carpet I call "Let it snow".

let-it-snow.JPG (34995 bytes)

Let it snow

6 fish - see bigger picture here

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